The institution strives to become the standard of excellence, fostering quality in intellect, creativity and character in an active, student-centered learning Community. It will bend upon to be a leader in preparing professionals who provide leadership and exemplary educational services to improve the lives of individuals in a changing and complex society.


>> To impart and create new knowledge and logical thinking.
>> To develop skills for information-processing and lifelong learning.
>> To initiate and experiment innovations in teacher education.
>> To provide opportunities and facilities for the holistic development of the student-teachers.
>> To provide intellectually well developed, social concerned and culturally rich citizens.
>> To create awareness in student-teachers about the modern trends in Education.
>> To prepare the competent and committed teachers and teacher educators.
>> To rejuvenate the teaching learning process through ICT.
>> To collaborate with various stake holders.


>> To contribute to National development by rendering selflessness services.
>> To foster global competencies among student-teachers.
>> To make the provision for the utmost usage of information and communication technology (ICT).
>> To strive ahead to create a centre for excellence.
>> To develop core values like inner qualities viz. honesty, good character, punctuality, cooperation and truthfulness, etc.
>> To build-up self- esteem self- discipline and respect for human values.
>> To extend the ethical behaviour and organizational ability.
>> To enhance the qualities of co-operation, mutual understanding and dedication.
>> To retain traditional values for imbibing in modern society by providing moral based education.


>> To develop the knowledge, skills and competencies among the pupils needed for playing multifaceted role (of the teacher) in the new era.
>> To create sensitivity among the prospective teachers for reaching out to the destitute.
>> To strengthen inter-personal and social skills along with right attitude and self innovation for continuous learning among prospective teachers.
>> To cultivate human and spiritual values for self-development of the prospective teachers.
>> To foster creative and critical thinking among the pupil-teachers.
>> To keep pace with information and communication technology.
>> To provide equal opportunities to all the pupil teachers irrespective of any discrimination on the basis of caste,creed,religion,language & gender.
>> To provide reservation to all the disadvantaged groups as per Government rule and ensure an equitable learning environment.
>> To create awareness among the pupil teachers about the National and International concerns, Economy and Environment.
>> To impart quality and value based education.
>> To keep pace with the Information and Communication Technology.
>> To initiate and experiment innovations in Teacher Education.
>> To sensitize the pupil teachers towards inclusive social concerns, human rights, gender-issues, etc.
>> To instil scientific zeal and develop skilled human resource to contemporary challenges.
>> To collaborate with other share holders of Teacher Education for quality assurance, promotion and sustenance.
>> To provide financial support to needy students to accomplish their training without any hindrance.
>> To ensure the welfare of differently able SC/ST and other socially economically and educationally backward students.