Education is the business of training minds. We all come into this world uninitiated and unknown to the wonderful world of knowledge. Who is our guide to this cavernous wealth of knowledge? – A teacher. A teacher is known by many names- a coach, a mentor, a guru, a priest, a professor, a supervisor and many others. A teacher teaches you that discipline is the only way forward – to achieve goals.

One must have an aim, a goal in life. Everyone learns, only a few excel. There must have been several learned persons around centuries ago, but we refer to the sayings and teachings of Swami Vivekananda even to this day, Buddha’s path of nirvana is a source of enlightenment for many. Mahavir Jain’s teachings of dharma are the right path of religion. It is not only the history books, which mention them, but these luminaries figure in our daily thoughts and conversations at regular intervals.


History, Geography, Science are the subjects and they are all bound within the chapters of a book. Each chapter can come alive, if the teacher who loves her subject is teaching a class. We are responsible for shaping the young mind which is like a mound of putty and needs to be moulded for the final form to appear. Education is essential for all.

For the teacher, it becomes an all consuming thirst for knowledge, a quest to learn in order to teach and then devise indigenous ways to disseminate this learning to a group of avid learners. This is a wonderful sight to behold. An educated mind is on a different plane of reality altogether – humble in attitude, modest in behaviour and dignified in speech.

Dr.(Mrs.) Vijay Laxmi