"Our future growth relies on competitiveness and innovation, skid and productivity and these in turn rely on the education of our people." - Julia Guillard

The caliber of an educational institution is evaluated by the character of its products and D.D. Jain College of Education has been standing tall in this regard as the number of Alumni who has been serving the region and the country is tremendous. Our educational institution not only engenders academic excellence amongst its students but also ensure their all round development so that they grow up to be good, useful- and responsible citizens. It is through large number of activities that our institution is able to provide opportunities to the students to display and manifest their creative talent. To top it all, a variety of seminars, symposiums, conferences and workshops are organized every year to ensure their academic freedom.

To be associated with the institution providing commendable training to the youth of 21st century is something very scarce. Take part to be part of our institution and take it to ever higher heights (……..to the zenith). I wish you all a blissful journey on the path of righteous Education.

President, Managing Committee