Perhaps most importantly in today’s information age, thinking skills are viewed as crucial for educated persons to cope with a rapidly changing world. Many educators believe that specific knowledge will not be as important to tomorrow’s workers and citizens as the ability to learn and make sense of new information. -------D. Gough, 1991

In a world where answers are just a click of the mouse away, even the thought of thinking is taxing. Originality, creativity, lateral thinking, thinking of the box, metacognition, and any number of concepts are there for your ready reckoning. The irony is that in this age of information overload, thinking skills are crucial survival tools needed to adapt and cope with the rapidly changing world.

It is believed that it is not specific knowledge that world citizens of tomorrow need but the ability to learn and adapt quickly to new information. Strangely, this is what we as educators have to do, wean our children from ready reckoners if we want them to think.

President, Managing Committee