The descent of D. D. Jain College of Education, Ludhiana on the educational map of the state in 1999 was a historic event. It fulfills the aspirations of the young girl scholars, desirous of pursuing career making higher education course after graduation. Realising that the professional education of teacher is essential for the qualitative improvement of education, the managing committee of S. S. Jain Girls School Committee (Regd.) decided to start the College of Education. The dedicated members of the Managing Committee have worked untiringly with a sense of devotion, zeal and commitment. The Committee is presently headed by Shri. Kidar Nath Jain, a dynamic human and energetic person .

The College derives inspiration from great saintly lady Behan Devki Devi Jain Ji, whose name the college has been christened and who is known all over for her lofty ideals, dense moral fibre, rich intellectual perception, unimpeachable devotion and selfless to humanity. She was a pioneer in women's education in the city.

Behan Devki Devi Jain, after whom the D. D. Jain College of Education has been named, was one of the most eminent educationists of her time. She was the founder Principal Jain Girls Senior Secondary School, Rupa Mistri Street, Ludhiana for about 35 years. She took up the reins of this premier institution of women's education in her hands. Started in 1918 with just 5 girls students, the school grew steadily under her tender motherly care and is due course of time became one of the leading girls institutions of the State. She remained the Principal of this renowned girls school till the end of her life.

Behan Ji was born in a well-to-do family of Ludhiana on 12th March, 1906. Her father Shri Prem Chand and mother Smt. Bhani Devi had every thing money could buy. But the family was destined to have more than its due share of sufferings and when Behan Devki Devi was just one and a half years old, her mother breathed her last. Tragedy struck the family again, and soon the little girl lost her only brother. She herself was afflicted with plague and there was no hope of her recovery. She faced the agony of a fell disease bravely, vanquished Death and recovered miraculously. It was a new birth of her, and she made up her mind to devote it to the service of her fellow human beings, particularly to the uplift of women who at that time were imprisoned within the four walls of the house and suffered untold miseries. There was hardly any lietracy among women, even among the affluent sections of the society. Behan Ji first educated herself and passed a number of examinations so that she could set her own example before her sisters. The untimely death of her father was another terrible blow for her. But the grim determination she pursued her goal zealously and undauntedly. Nothing could weaken her spirit, which had received divine inspiration and guidance from her mentor and godfather Acharya Smarat Pujya Shri Atma Ram Ji Maharaj. Under the guidance of her great Guru, Behan Ji led an ideal and pious life of celebracy which won her respect and admiration of every one who came in contact with her. She set "Mahasati Shri Chanda Ji Jain Ashram" for orphaned girls who had no one to look after them. She founded Bhagat Prem Chand Jain Model High School in the memory of her father and gave away her ancestral house to start the school.

Her heart overflowed with the milk of human kindness and she had love for all living beings. She was a devine and noble lady who, by her deeds, immortalized not only herself but also the family into which she was born. Behan Ji passed away on 8th April 1962, but her name will live forever. The local Jain Samaj, particularly S. S. Jain Girls' School Committee (Regd.), has set up a chain of Educational institutions as a mark of respect to her memory. Devki Devi Jain College for Women and D. D. Jain College of Education owe their birth to that laudable step. Enshrined in these institutions is the sacred memory of Bal Bracamcharini Devki Devi Jain, the like of whom is born only once in a millennium.